Lets talk about bad soap

So I recently made a soap about a month ago. I had this grand vision. I wanted it to be these bright, vibrant colors with pink and blue and orange. I wanted it to smell like ylang-ylang and geranium. Sounds lovely, right? I was excited!

Fast forward to execution. Things are going well. I put my primo butters and oils in thinking "this is gonna be a bomb ass soap", let it do it's thing and set to cure. Today is the day! It's done curing and ready to be fondled and loved and sold. Only...it has lost its scent entirely. The colors still look bomb though.

I went back over my steps to figure out what went wrong and realized ...duh, Luna. You didn't check the flashpoint on the essential oils before putting them in. Silly mistake. Kicking myself for this one. 

Even worse, I realized I cut it so, so very poorly. I'm talking crooked, uneven bars. Some thick, some thin, some perfect. Rookie mistake, guys. I can't sell this. I would feel terrible to all who enjoy artisan soap if I took anyone's money for it. But its still great soap! Has raw shea butter, virgin coconut oil, vitamin E and pure grapeseed oil. Fantastic for the skin! I can't let these babies go to waste and its more soap than I know what to do with myself. 

So in comes my offer. I have 10 badly misshapen, unscented but pretty bars of soap that I am willing to just give away. They are topped with rose petals and calendula too. So botanical! They are just badly behaved. (Due to crafting error on my part, but still...)

I am offering these as free samples with every order until they run out. So 10 orders. First come, first serve to anyone who wants them. This seems like a better idea to me than just pitching them. After all, I poured so much love into these bad boys. I'd hate for them to go to waste. :)